• Tuesday-Thursday,Sunday 10a.m.-6p.m.
  • Friday,Saturday 10a.m.-7p.m.(In case National Holiday falls on Friday or Saturday,10a.m.-6p.m.)


  • Monday(In case it is National Holiday,the Library will be closed the following day.)
  • The last Wednesday every month(In case it is National Holiday,the Library will be closed the following day.)
  • December 28-January 4
  • Book organizing period(approximately 14days par year.)


  • Anyone who lives or works or attends school in Dazaifu city,or lives in cities in the Fukuoka city sphere can be registered as a member.
  • Please fill in the application form in the Library or the book mobile and submit it to the counter. A library card will be issued immediatery.
  • Please show us an identification to confirm your preset adress. (e.g.Driver's license, Social insurance certificate)
  • There is no charge to borrowers.
  • The card valid for 3 years for Dazaifu regident, otherwize for 1 year.
  • You can use the card at the Library and the book mobile.


  • The loan period is 2 weeks.
  • There is no limit on the number of books and magazines you may borrow.
  • Regarding conpact desks, video tapes, DVDs you may borrow up to 10 pieaces in total. However, the number of video tapes and DVDs should be up to 2 in all.
  • You can renew the borrowing unless it is reserved by someone eles.
You can't borrow in case of following.
  • If you delay returning the borrowing that is resereved by someone else.
  • If you delay returning the borrowing over two months.


When you cannot find a book that you want to read or it is borrowed by someone else, you can reserve it. Please fill out an application(Request card), then hand it to the person at the counter.


  • You may photocopy any materials in the library within the limit of copyright regulations.
  • Please fill out a photocopy application form.
  • It costs 10yen per page.

For the Handicapped

  • Wheel chairs are avaliable.
  • An assistvision is available.
  • A book reading service is available for the blind.


  • When you lost borrowing or your card, please inform us soon as possible.
  • Please return books to the Library from where they have been borrowed.

Book Mobile "SukuSuku"

  • Our book mobile "SukuSuku" goes around 38 stations in the city per two-weeks.
 Book mobile "SukuSuku" Schedule (for Japanese)
 Station map (for Japanese)